The Mystic Rose is a GO!!!

Thematic Fate/Fudge Dice - Mystic Rose -- Kicktraq Mini


Our Mystic Rose Kickstarter Project was a thundering success!  And, due to stretch goal unlocks, the original Mystic Rose Theme will now be accompanied by six other themes as well in six colors!

We are currently preparing a survey here on where our backers will select and configure their rewards.  We decided to create our own survey, since it would have been very difficult for our backers to configure their reward packages using a Kickstarter survey form.

We currently have an option to also distribute the dice through game stores and are investigating that avenue.  If we decide to do this, it is our intention to see that our Kickstarter backers receive their dice first.

We have estimated a delivery date of Jul 2013.  Should any issues arise that changes that, we will let our backers know ASAP.

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