Thematic Dice For Sale

That’s right, after several (failed) attempts to find another solution to clearing out our remaining dice from the Kickstarter project, we finally broke down and set up our own site to do the sales ourselves.

The site is currently only setup for sales in the US. If you are a Colorado resident, we will cover […]

Tacticon 2013 and more . . .

Things have been quiet, but that doesn’t mean nothing is happening.  Don’t believe me?  Then maybe you should come talk to me about it at Tacticon 2013 in Aurora, Colorado . . . right next door to Denver!

That’s right, I’ll be running two Fate based game sessions [5036.1 and 5036.2] using the […]

Thematic Dice Samples Look AMAZING!

We have just received images from the manufacturer displaying the prototypes for our Thematic Dice line and they look amazing.  Here are the pictures that we received.  Judge for yourself!

All the dice in one image


To see the images in full resolution (2560×1920), follow these links:



The Mystic Rose is a GO!!!

Thematic Fate/Fudge Dice - Mystic Rose -- Kicktraq Mini


Our Mystic Rose Kickstarter Project was a thundering success!  And, due to stretch goal unlocks, the original Mystic Rose Theme will now be accompanied by six other themes as well […]

Two Weeks Left for the Mystic Rose

There are two weeks left on the Mystic Rose Kickstarter project and the project is only $400 shy of funding. Take a look at Update #6 for more information!

Mystic Rose has a great day!

So our Kickstarter project had a great day yesterday, topping 100 backers.  This was mostly due to an influx of Ehdrigohr backers looking to get a set of dice based on the Ehdrigohr theme.  Take a look at Update #5 for more.

Mystic Rose: Update #4 - Let the voting begin!

After two weeks, we have posted our fourth update to the Mystic Rose Kickstarter project.  We have managed to wrestle our suppliers to get our backers the best deal we can.  Swing on over a check out the update!

Mystic Rose - Update #3

In our latest update we present three more potential themes.  Check out Update #3 for yourself!

Mystic Rose - Update #2

After getting some feedback from the gaming community, we have published a second update to the Mystic Rose Kickstarter with sample of potential future theme artwork.  Head on over and see what folks have to say!

Mystic Rose - 24 hours later

So it’s been 24 hours since the launch of our Thematic Dice – Mystic Rose Kickstarter, and we are already 33% funded!  This is a great result for a first day and we are hopeful that the project will continue to grow.  Check out Update #1 over at the Kickstarter site […]