It's finally ready!

That’s right!  After about six weeks of research and preparation, we are finally ready to announce our first Kickstarter offering . . . Thematic Fate Dice!

Initially in the Kickstarter, we are offering the Mystic Rose line of Fate dice.  The Mystic Rose is a six-sided Fate die with a thorned rose on two faces and a thorned pentacle on two more, with the remaining two faces being blank.  There are no plus or minus signs on these faces, allowing the roller to determine which image constitutes a plus and which is a minus.

But that’s just the beginning!  If we get enough backers to reach our stretch goals, we will use the extra money to add more themes and colors to the offering.  Take a look at the Kickstarter itself for more details!  Don’t miss out on the Early Bird Power Pledge level!

And keep your eyes here!  We are currently working on getting a few more Kickstarter offerings ready as well!


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