The Golden Age of Open Systems

During this year small but influential tabletop roleplaying game systems have opened up their licensing. Fate, FAE, Gumshoe, and Drama System are now freely available to any designers wanting to put their imagination on paper.

We all know the tidal impact the Open Gaming License (OGL) had on the d20 segment of the industry some […]

Turn Order in Fate


So I thought I’d take some time to discuss turn order in Fate Core based games. Those of you familiar with Fate are aware that turn order is fairly well fixed in that system based on your skills and the type of conflict in which you are engaged. Here is the relevant text […]

Variety in Gaming

I’d like to get on my soapbox for a minute here and talk about how bad it is for players to get stuck playing one kind of game. Let me start with a question. Are you stuck playing one kind of game or one system? Are you stuck playing one genre? Are you system fanboy […]

Dreaming a new dream

When I was a teenager I recall having a dream where I had super powers and was part of a team of heroes trying to stop some dark power invading the land. It was one of the coolest dreams you could ever have. In the middle of the dream, just as things were getting exciting, […]