Mystic Rose has a great day!

So our Kickstarter project had a great day yesterday, topping 100 backers.  This was mostly due to an influx of Ehdrigohr backers looking to get a set of dice based on the Ehdrigohr theme.  Take a look at Update #5 for more.

Mystic Rose: Update #4 - Let the voting begin!

After two weeks, we have posted our fourth update to the Mystic Rose Kickstarter project.  We have managed to wrestle our suppliers to get our backers the best deal we can.  Swing on over a check out the update!

Mystic Rose - Update #3

In our latest update we present three more potential themes.  Check out Update #3 for yourself!

Mystic Rose - Update #2

After getting some feedback from the gaming community, we have published a second update to the Mystic Rose Kickstarter with sample of potential future theme artwork.  Head on over and see what folks have to say!

Mystic Rose - 24 hours later

So it’s been 24 hours since the launch of our Thematic Dice – Mystic Rose Kickstarter, and we are already 33% funded!  This is a great result for a first day and we are hopeful that the project will continue to grow.  Check out Update #1 over at the Kickstarter site […]

It's finally ready!

That’s right!  After about six weeks of research and preparation, we are finally ready to announce our first Kickstarter offering . . . Thematic Fate Dice!

Initially in the Kickstarter, we are offering the Mystic Rose line of Fate dice.  The Mystic Rose is a six-sided Fate die with a thorned […]

Ready to pull the trigger . . .

So we had a bit of a slow down over the holidays. Manufacturers were difficult to get ahold of and so our information gathering stalled for a bit. But now we have the numbers and our first Kickstarter is a go!

We are currently in the process of finishing the Kickstarter site.  All that remains […]